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The Ellerston Tournament  runs from the 3th to the 11th of October For details contact the secretary below.   Watch and learn about the exciting game of Polo

The Game of PoloPolo

The 2500 year-old game of polo is one of the fastest, roughest, and most dangerous sports played today. It is gaining increasing popularity as a premier spectator sport and can be an easy game for the first-time spectator to enjoy.

Imagine the excitement of seeing players on thoroughbred horses bumping and jostling with each other as hockey on horseback, racing at top speeds down the field while striking a small ball with the precision of an experienced golfer.

Polo Players are rated yearly by their peers in the USPA on a scale of -2 to 10 goals. All players, male and female, are rated under the same handicap system.

The term “goal” does not refer to how many goals the player will score in a match but indicates the player’s value to the team.

Player handicaps range from “Novice” to “Perfect” (10 goal). Often the letters “A”, “B”, and “C” are used instead of the numerical values (0, -1, -2).

  • About two-thirds of the USPA rated players carry a rating of 2 goals or less.
  • Only a small number of players advance beyond 3 goals.
  • A rating of 2 goals and above usually indicates a professional player.


Miss Sue Finn – Secretary
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