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Laguna Lavender – A niche business!

Their Story.

We began growing lavender in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia in 1998 so literally know lavender from the ground up. Our passion is Australian MadeNatural, Organic, Environmentally Friendly, Vegan, Chemical and Petroleum Derivatives Free. Access to products is via our website and retailers listed below. We have no physical shopfront but offer an easy to use website and individual attention to our customers.

Angustifolia cultivar [‘English’ lavender] flowers around November to January in Australia. It is short stemmed. Dried flower heads are available as stocks last. This cultivar offers a sweet aroma and traditional healing properties so is suitable for body products and culinary use.

Lavandula angustifolia [‘English’ lavender] is the cultivar in our body and culinary products, offering a sweet aroma, a range of traditional healing properties as well as being culinary. To find our more, a web search using ‘lavandula angustifolia properties‘ will provide a broader appreciation.

Niche, clean and green for discerning buyers seeking quality products for healthy outcomes. Formulas are unique to Laguna Lavender. All materials and ingredients sourced in Australia. We offer balms, lotions, essential oil, hair products, soap, natural deodorant, products for home, potpourri, heat packs,  culinary with complimentary recipes plus colourful lavender bears. There’s something for everyone plus healthy products for your pets.

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