Strathearn Park Lodge

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Scone's Best Accommodation - Strathearn Park Lodge

Our Shed at the Lodge


he beginnings of this shed started some 800 years ago in the Upper Hunter, before white man came, in a growing Iron Bark tree.

The timber for the shed, the fence to the south and the heavy wooden furniture on the homestead’s verandahs came from stables built in the 1840s for the Uniting Church in Scone.

The stables were demolished and moved to Strathearn Park Lodge in 1995 by Peter, your host, and Lyn’s father Harry Harvey. They then utilised the skills of a Moonan Flats bushman to build an authentic slab hut, the fence, furniture and coat racks on the front and back verandahs.

The woodsman dated the original stables as having been built in the 1840s. This was due the straightness of the timber which indicated that the stables were erected by the first wave of settlers.
Scone's Best Accommodation - Strathearn Park Lodge

Many wedding groups utilise the shed and the adjacent old truck for their photos.

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